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It is always gratifying to travel to various locations, to perform at Festivals of all sizes and military re-enactments while seeing our favorite people. We really enjoy performing and we were pleased to continue adding new venues each year.
Lindy 2009 Lindy aptly runs the show and performances as our lovely Ring Mistress. She humorously assists Joey perform clown gags and enjoys interacting with the audience.
Bethany performs aerial Silks and Trapeze Routines. In addition to serious acts she also ascends the trapeze in clown costume, floppy shoes, makeup and red nose in her Comedy Trapeze Routine. She also enjoys walking the wire and is a fair hand at magic. Bethany 2009
Nathan 2009 Nathan tosses impressive juggling and diabolo routines your way. He’s still quiet, shy and reserved, but Drama class is bringing him out of his shell. He balances both.
Of the many routines Joey performs, his Lion Tamer Act (stuffed animal that magically transforms into a Miniature Lion) is always a crowd pleasing favorite. Penny 2009
Trapeze Joey 2009 Joey's not above taking to the trapeze himself. Apparently he doesn't remember that he's now in his 60's. At his age his high wire walks are restricted to 3 feet, but he's still truckin'!
  In addition to our circus, The Joey Kelly Circus Family now performs USO Shows for military organizations in authentic WWII Military Uniforms. Nathan LST 2009

The family speaks and performs at Banquets, LST-325 Memorial Festivities, Military Reunions and National Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) Functions. Look for them in a Veteran's parade near you.

Kelly Family 2009

It doesn’t matter whether the Joey Kelly Circus Family performs in WWII uniforms, on stage or in the ring with circus costumes, you’re going to enjoy yourself and have a good time! Look for the Joey Kelly Circus Family to tumble into the circus ring or sail into a port near you soon.

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