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The Joey Kelly Circus

Bethany with Trapeze Style

Bethany Kelly is flying high on the college scholarships she earned. After working diligently in high school to obtain the distinction of Valedictorian she continues to train towards her art education career while maintaining her circus skills.
Bethany enjoys teaching in the classroom as well as in the circus ring. These principles also work when instructing others how to juggle, walk the wire, and learn other circus skills. The experience she gains from coaching others helps her to better manage her time and her future.
The solemnity and purpose Bethany demonstrates at school contrasts the fun she has performing on stage. As a clown and aerialist with the Joey Kelly Circus, she entertains with silliness and grace. Whether it is on the ground or up in the air, Bethany’s clown gags as well as her trapeze and aerial silk performances showcase her ability to choreograph routines as well as execute them. As the great-granddaughter of Emmett Kelly, it was only natural that she entwine her clown character into the aerial routines, making for unique and original acts. Bethany commands the attention inside the ring with her charm and artistry and is equally respected within the classroom.

Bethany Clown Trapeze
Bethany Clownin' Around

Bethany is passionate about art, especially circus related art. Several of her Art projects have been displayed in juried competitions throughout the Saint Louis area and published in local papers including the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Bethany the Aerialist
Bethany the Aerialist

The circus equipment is stored until spring, but is never far from her thoughts as evidenced in her paintings and drawings. For now she is content stretching and exercising at home while continuing her life at school. Look for Bethany to commingle performing in the classroom and in the circus ring throughout her collegiate career.

The Joey Kelly Circus Family

The Joey Kelly Circus
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