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USO Kelly Show

Joey and Lindy - Does this Ring a Bell USO Kelly Show featuring Joey and Lindy Joey at the Helm

featuring Joey and Lindy

The USO Kelly Show is available for speaking engagements and performances in Branson, Missouri and surrounding areas. Bring a little comedy and magic to your next Military Event.
Joey LST 2009 Joey and Lindy often welcome, entertain and offer memberships aboard LST-325. "He's a member, I'm a member, wouldn't you like to be a member too?" invites Lindy.

Joey is an active crew member of LST-325 with 400+ volunteer service hours and has sailed the Ohio River several times in the only serviceable WWII LST left in the United States. Joey’s father served on sister ship LST-783 during WWII. You may read about father and son’s LST experiences in Ring 1.

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