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The Joey Kelly Circus

Lindy Kelly
Lindy Kelly

Lindy Kelly has an accounting background and a delightful manner with people. In her previous employment, Lindy was a Human Resources Manager for an international company. After more than 20 years in the accounting field working towards her “Winnebago Plan” Lindy has been happily retired since 2005 and is free to travel with her husband and children in their motor home. “My dream was to travel the United States once I retired. Now I have the perfect companion in Joey. I also have an opportunity to perform with him. My children and I have an exciting and wonderful life and we've already enjoyed seeing more than half of this beautiful country of ours. Life is very good,” Lindy said.
Lindy loves parades and circuses. Naturally, her favorite performers are clowns. She attended the Emmett Kelly Festival in Houston, Missouri for the first time in May of 1991. In addition to meeting Joey, she was treated to a parade, a charming street fair, hundreds of clowns and entertainment all weekend. The Emmett Kelly Festival and Houston will always have significance for her. “Houston is where we met. Fifteen years later I married Joey and performed with him there. Life is certainly interesting,” Lindy said.
A typical day for Lindy has her attending school, make that circus school. Circus school in the Kelly home includes equipment in the family room and a trapeze and wire walking equipment set up in the back yard. “The kids and I are acquiring circus skills and training daily. We’re learning to walk rope, juggle, rola bola, diablo and swing on the trapeze. Joey’s an excellent teacher. He makes it challenging and fun,” Lindy stated.
Circus is not the only thing on Lindy’s mind. In addition to constructing this website and preparing their internet business for selling Kelly Collectibles, Lindy juggles other interests throughout the day. Sewing is one of her favorite hobbies. She loves sewing and is an expert seamstress. Having learned much from her mother who made many of her favorite childhood clothes, Lindy has made most of the costumes for herself and her children .

Emmett Kelly Doll
Emmett Kelly Doll

Lindy has an enviable collection of Emmett Kelly Clown Dolls manufactured fifty years ago by Baby Barry. She is restoring them and has tailored new clothes for the dolls. The new clothes are styled like the original with nicer fabric, featuring a green button shirt, blue colored patched pants, a hounds tooth vest and an upgraded, handsome, tweed jacket. Look for restored Emmett Kelly dolls and updated sets of clothes for your treasured doll in the Midway or contact her at
Lindy has always been an interesting, accomplished, diversified person of respect and likeability in the corporate world. She has always been relied upon as a dependable, trusted leader and friend. Now she is a vested partner in the entertainment business. Look for Lindy as Ring Mistress in the Joey Kelly Family Circus. “It’s interesting how people often think it would be fun to run away with the circus, but I never expected to find myself in the center ring with a whistle and a red nose,” Lindy laughed.

The Joey Kelly Circus Family

The Joey Kelly Circus
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