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Penelope is our favorite and only pet. Penny, as she is more affectionately called, has nearly an acre to frolic in. She has plenty of friends around the cul-de-sac that she visits from time to time. In part due to her styling, she is considered the most attractive and talented puppy in the neighborhood. At nine years old, she is to be the envy of the neighborhood, both among canines and humans.

Penny walks on both her front and hind legs, jumps through hoops and is adored when she performs. She also garners unpredictable laughs. This Pomeranian pup has a mind of her own, and is equally shy, which in show business can be a bad thing for most performers except when you live with a family of clowns. Stage fright can be traumatic, even for puppies. Penny has a tendency to hyperventilate when exposed to large crowds and unfamiliar places. This can be both harrowing and humorous.

Penny is featured in her circus outfit. Her fur is kept trimmed and well groomed so she looks her best when she performs as a baby lion. While she seemingly enjoys performing, she has a one track mind that centers on food. Penny enjoys treats. Her favorite is popcorn. 
The Joey Kelly Circus Family

The Joey Kelly Circus
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