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Joey Kelly

Joey Kelly
Joey Kelly

Joey Kelly is the grandson of the most famous clown in the world, Emmett Kelly, “America’s Favorite Clown”. You would expect coming from a family of clowns, circus performers and show business folks dating back to Vaudeville Days that he would quite naturally be a performer, and he is. It doesn’t matter whether he’s in the spotlight or with a small group, performing is what makes him happy! Whether in schools with the kids, in the ring, on stage or in comedy clubs, Joey appeals to his audience because he has a gift, a level of entertaining, that few achieve.


Joey never thought about running away with the circus because he grew up in the circus community of Peru, Indiana, “The Circus Capitol of the World.” He has always been around the Big Top both as a spectator and performer. His family tree is firmly planted in the center ring of circus history. It is no surprise that he has sawdust coursing through his veins. His relatives comprise an enviable list of Who’s Who in the circus world.


Joey has trouped with Peru Circus, Dawn Brothers, Culpepper-Meriweather and Carson Barnes Circuses. He has juggled, clowned and performed Rola Bola, Hanging Perch, Three-Lane Cradle as well as being “The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze,” He has performed in the corporate world, on the ball field, for other clowns, before children of all ages in schools, on theatrical, musical and comedy stages and before the ultimate hecklers, middle school students.

Joey Kelly Hanging Perch Joey Kelly Three Lane Cradle Joey Kelly Tumbling Joey Kelly Flying Trapeze
Hanging Perch Three-lane Cradle Tumbling, Adagio, Teeter board Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze

Joey is currently walking wire and working with daughter Bethany on a single trapeze routine on their aerial rigging at their family home. 

Look for Joey to appear somewhere in a town near you this summer. The Joey Kelly Circus is available for your entertainment as well as for instructional circus camps. Regardless of the venue, each appearance differs, given the occasion, and includes a full range of entertainment crafted to create a funny, memorable performance where YOU CAN BECOME THE STAR OF THE SHOW!
Thank you for your interest in The Joey Kelly Circus. Please take time to meet the rest of the family.

The Joey Kelly Circus Family

 The Joey Kelly Circus
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