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The Joey Kelly Circus


Nathan Kelly is one of the greatest guys that you would ever hope to meet. He’s shy, charming, funny and good looking. He has a great sense of humor and a goofy personality that makes him a natural, unwitting class clown.

As any average teenager, he enjoys riding his bicycle and rambling around the neighborhood, playing video games as well as reading and watching TV. His favorite television programs can be found on the Discovery and History channels.


School is one area where Nathan is above average. He has maintained his honor roll status, from elementary school into high school. Nathan will be the first to tell you that those results require a lot of time, effort, focus and discipline. His success, in part, can be attributed to his love for reading.


Nathan attends school year round. Circus school that is. After finishing his homework and dinner, he spends part of the evening honing his juggling skills. In addition to juggling balls and pins, he is becoming more adept with the diablo. He has a friendly competition with his sister to master rope walking, and is constantly improving his talents.


Nathan is most interested in Magic. Ironically, most of his tricks have tricked him. Perhaps its fate that his act is unintentionally humorous and often fails to deliver the magic as intended. His bumbling “slight” of hand, pleasing personality and great looks will certainly carry him to success. He is the perfect addition to clown alley in The Joey Kelly Circus. Watch for Nathan and the rest of the “First Family of Clowns” to appear in the very near future.

The Joey Kelly Circus Family

The Joey Kelly Circus
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